Top right menu

There are five items shown on this navigation bar.

Name of institution or college you are associated with.

Clicking the Settings link will take you to User Information and Change Password sections.

Under User Information, which is on the left side, you will see the following:

  • Role – This determines what type of access you have on the website.
  • First Name – editable field
  • Last Name – editable field
  • Email – editable field
  • User Name – This was automatically assigned to you when your account was set up. This field is uneditable.
  • Automatic Notify Workflow Members – When this is checked, MAP will automatically notify workflow members via email about a course.

On the right side is the Change Password section. This is where you can change your password.

Feedback This is where you can provide any comments regarding your experience using the website.

When you click the Feedback link, a pop‐up window will appear where you type in your remarks. It is required that you choose one of the feedback categories (Idea, Issue, Question, Kudos, or Other) when making your comments. This will help Customer Support expedite and prioritize your needs. It can either be by making improvements to the website, finding resolutions to your concerns, answering your questions, or simply making your experience using the website a pleasant one.

Help – Clicking this link will direct you to the MAP Knowledge Base website. Here you will find useful information in helping you navigate the MAP website.

Your name and job title are displayed.

When you click this area, you will be given an option to go
to your Profile or Logout.

Clicking the Profile link will direct you to the Settings page
where you will find your User Profile and Change Password

Logout link will end your current session.