Articulations in process tab

This tab displays your current workload, and it features all the articulations in your queue that need to be approved or denied. In this tab, you will find all courses that are part of your discipline with all their attached articulations.

By default, the individual articulations are hidden. You will only see the list of courses.

A great feature on this tab is the ability for you to filter by Subject, Course Number, and Course Name. Each column is sortable, and can be rearranged based on your preference. In addition, you can export the entire list to an Excel file by clicking Export to Excel.

The numbers under Evaluator, Faculty, Articulation Officer, Implementation and Published columns represent the number of articulations at those roles/stages.

There are two ways of viewing the attached articulations on each of the courses.

A. Expand/Collapse button – Clicking this button will either display all attached articulations of all the courses listed, or hide all articulations and leave only the courses in display.

B. > button – Clicking this button will allow you to view ONLY the articulations for that particular course. Once clicked, you will notice the button changed to v. This means the section has been expanded.

Once this section is expanded, you will see detailed information on the articulations attached to the course.

  1. Type
  2. Stage
  3. ACE ID
  4. Team Reviewed Date – which you can pull a date range, and filter
  5. Exhibit Date
  6. Occupation – which you can further filter
  7. Title
  8. Notes
  9. Articulated by
  10. Last Submitted By
  11. Faculty Review Status

Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to edit the specific articulation.

Clicking the trash bin icon will allow you to delete the specific articulation.