Adopting Articulations from Other Colleges

This page was created to make the process of reviewing articulations in your queue easier and faster. Everything in this list is what is assigned to you.

There are four different tabs in this page: Articulations in Process, Recent User Activity, Denied Articulations, and Articulations to Adopt From Other Colleges.

Articulations in Process #

This lists all the articulations waiting to be reviewed. You have the option to approve, return, or deny.

This tab gives you sufficient information to make it easier for you to make a decision.

The best feature of this tab is the ability to multi approve/return/deny with just a click of the checkbox on the first column. You can easily check all the boxes on the page by clicking thecheckbox on the header column. You may log in or log out of this page without actually navigating the main MAP website.

Recent User Activity #

This tab displays a list of articulations based on user’s latest activity. This is the same information displayed on MAP’s dashboard/home page.

Denied Articulations #

This section will list the denied articulations that are on the specific stage.

Articulations to Adopt from Other Colleges #

This list shows a quick overview of all articulations from other colleges that you can adopt to your own college. In this example, the lists is from Riverside City College Training.

The information provided in this page is read-only. It gives you enough data to help you decide whether or not to adopt the articulation(s).

Anything highlighted in blue means that the articulation already exists. Other the other hand, anything highlighted in green means that the articulation is ready to adopt.

One great feature of this section is the ability for you to multi adopt. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Clicking each checkbox before the College name column. Once you selected all the articulations, then you can click the Adopt Selected Articulations button.
  2. Or, you can simply check the box in the header column to select all articulations listed on the page. Then, click Adopt Selected Articulations button.

The eye icon on the grid allows you to view the articulations in detail.
Clicking it will open a read-only tab.
The only option you can do here is to adopt the specific articulation by clicking + Adopt Articulation.

After clicking Adopt Selected Articulations or + Adopt Articulation buttons, a pop-up window will appear.

This is where you can easily notify the Articulation Officer and the District Evaluators, which are pre-selected for you, about the adopted articulation(s).

You can also enter any comments you may have for them.