B. Left sidebar menu

Clicking (hamburger menu) on the top left navigation menu will bring up several links.

There are five main links on the left sidebar menu, and you can further expand it by clicking >. This will give you more options to select depending on your role.

Home – This will take you main page of the website (MAP Dashboard).

Articulations – Clicking this link will give you access to ACE Occupations, Archived Articulations, Articulations Pending to Review, Create Articulation, and Notify Workflow Members which will all be further discussed in details in the next few sections of this document.

Outreach – This gives you access to the Veterans Outreach section where you can find all campaigns by your institution.

Programs of Study – This gives you access to Academic Programs of Study where you will find all available programs in your college.

Settings – This is where you find the My Profile link which will take you to the User Profile and Change Password page. There is also the Users link which will allow you to create users. The specific link is only available for Evaluators.