Does MAP require integration with your Student Information System or other systems?

No. COCI courses and program data are the source of the base install for each college. With this basic information, your institution can begin to create articulation recommendations. While MAP can use APIs to automatically connect to a variety of data sources, the basic

functions of MAP do not require integration with the SIS/ERP or other systems. Furthermore, MAP does not push any data into the SIS/ERP or other systems.

Examples of optional additional data that can be integrated in MAP include Course Data (course descriptions, student learning outcomes, course objectives); Program Data (program descriptions, program learning outcomes, program objectives, program required, elective, and optional courses). Colleges that wish to integrate complete course and program data have two options: 1. MAP vendor, ITPI, can either automatically update course data through either API integration; or 2. Provide data to be manually uploaded by ITPI in a variety of formats (TXT, CSV, JSON, XLSX).