Editing Program Requirements

Like editing the program information, you can also modify the program requirements.

This is done by selecting a program from the list, and clicking Edit Program Requirements.

A pop-up window will display two tabs where you can make changes: Program Requirements and Guided Pathways Map.

Program Requirements #

This is where you can set the required courses, and restricted electives on a specific program.

There are three sections on this tab: Course Catalog, Required Courses, and Restricted Electives.

  • Course Catalog – This is a list of all courses within the college.
  • Required Courses – This is a list of courses required for the selected program.
  • Restricted Electives – This is a list of courses specific to your program.

The Add Group section is used if you want the courses under Required or Restricted Electives to be categorized further.

  1. Typing any text or phrase you want the group to be called on the text field before the Add Group button.
  1. Once typed, it will then populate the text box to the right on the button.
  1. This will allow you to drag and drop into either the Required Courses or Restricted Electives. You can drag and drop between any specific courses.

Setting the Required Courses or Restricted Electives is as easy as drag and drop.

Drag any courses under Course Catalog, and drop the selected course either to Required Courses or Restricted Electives.

The And/Or column on these two sections means that the student is either required to take one course AND another, or one course OR (optional) another.

You can easily set this by clicking on the selected course and it will enable you to set an AND or OR.

On the other hand, when you click a text under the Number column, it will display the course information like the sample below:

Guided Pathways Map #