Glossary of Terms

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This explains the meaning of all terms used in this document.

A #

ACEAbbreviation for American Council on Education. It is a membership organization that mobilizes the higher education community to shape effective public policy and foster innovative, high‐quality practice.
ACE Courses
ACE IDIt is the reference number for an ACE Course.
ACE Occupation
Adopting ArticulationAssuming or implementing the same articulation that another institution created.
Archived ArticulationOld articulation reviewed.
ArticulationIt is a course equivalency between the college course, and the ACE Course or ACE Occupation Recommendation.
Articulation Officer
Articulations in ProgressIt is the user’s current workload with all the articulations that need to be approved or denied.

C #

ConsortiumAn association of two or more schools for the purpose of sharing resources, improving finances and educating students. Consortiums are usually located in the same general location.
CourseIt is a class you take in school to study a particular subject.
Course CatalogA list of all the courses within the college.
Course TitleIt is the name of the course.
Curriculum Administration

D #

Denied ArticulationsArticulations that were not approved for some reason.
DistrictIt is a specific area of your city or town.
DivisionAn administrative or operating unit of an educational organization.

E #

Export to ExcelThis is an option in most part of the website. It allows a user to convert the information displayed on the specific section of the website into a spreadsheet.

F #

Four‐step processWhen an articulation has been through the process of review by:
Faculty -> Evaluator -> Articulation Officer – > Implementation Specialist.

H #

Header The column title of a data table.

I #

Implementation Specialist
Institution An established society or organization.

M #

MAP Abbreviation for Military Articulation Platform.
MAP DashboardThis is the main page of the MAP website that shows an overview of the most updated information on courses/articulations. Usually called the home page.
MOSAbbreviation for Military Occupation Specialty
Move forward articulationAn action button that the current articulation is ready for the next step of the process.

O #

OccupationA person’s principal work.
Occupation CodeIt is the reference ID of a specific occupation.

P #

PasswordIt is a set of secret characters used to authenticating a user during the authentication process.
Program Learning Outcomes
Program of StudyAn academic and career plan developed by your school to help move you towards a college and career path.
Published ArticulationsArticulations that gone through the four-step processed, and were approved.

R #

Restricted ElectivesCourses that are more specific to your degree program and/or career goals.

S #

School DistrictIt is an area which includes all the schools in your city or town.
Student Learning Outcomes

T #


U #

UnitsAn amount of work used in education in calculating student credits.
UserPerson using the website.
UsernameIt is a unique identifier that a user use when logging in to the website.

V #

VeteranA person who has served in the military.
VetsShort term for Veterans.