How does MAP facilitate outreach efforts?

MAP also allows for outreach to regional military personnel. With a database of more than 40,000 regional veterans, MAP allows colleges to do outreach to students (offering specific credit in targeted college programs) based on military occupation and zip code. Moreover, MAP allows Veteran Certifying Officials and counselors to upload current student veteran JSTs into MAP for analysis of qualifying MilCPL. This also allows staff to see gaps and target courses for articulation creation.

Example: A student’s JST is uploaded and analyzed but certain courses are not qualified for MilCPL because no Articulation Recommendations have yet been created. Staff notes that if they create more articulations, they can offer this veteran all the credit they qualify for. This is a key way to jump start articulation efforts. It works well because as soon as the articulations are implemented, they are applied to current students. The success stories that emerge from these efforts are inspiring to an institution’s students, staff, faculty, and community partners.