How is MAP used?

MAP creates a 4-step process to build a bridge from college courses to ACE credit recommendations, allowing colleges to award student credit. The four steps include 1. Evaluator (create); 2. AO (considerations); 3. Faculty (approve/deny); 4. Implementation (offer and transcript CPL).

The process looks like this: evaluators to use MAP to create articulation recommendations, which are forwarded to faculty to approve or deny. These articulation recommendations are forwarded to the articulation officer to approve or deny as well. Once acted upon, the implemented articulation is saved in MAP and made available to all students and transcripted as needed.

The bulk of the work is at the evaluator level. It is recommended that campus VRC staff and veteran student workers be considered a part of this process, providing additional support. Student veteran work studies can be very helpful in encouraging an institution’s veteran population to participate in having their Joint Services Transcripts (JSTs) evaluated for MilCPL.