My Favorites

Below the College Articulations Summary is a section called My Favorites. This is where you can easily access all the pages you visit frequently. You can customize this based on your preference. In this example, Veterans Outreach and My Profile were marked favorites.

Marking a page as favorite is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click (hamburger menu) on the top left of the website. This will bring up a list of menu: Home, Articulations, Outreach, Programs of Study, and Settings. As mentioned on the Navigating MAP Dashboard, the left menu will only display links based on your role.
  2. The list can be further expanded by clicking > (left arrow) button.
  3. Once expanded, you can set any of these options by right clicking, and selecting Add/Remove Favorite.

Below My Favorites is another set of important tabs that will give you a quick and easy access to all articulations in the MAP Dashboard. It shows any articulations that are in process, denied, and published.  It also displays any recent activities of the user, as well as with the various courses.