Programs of Study

This section lists all available programs in your college.

It gives you a quick overview of each program like:

  1. Number of Articulated Courses
  2. Number of Articulated Occupations
  3. Academic Program ID
  4. Date Approved
  5. Start Date
  6. End Date

For your convenience, printing a full version or short version of the selected program is just a click away.

  1. Print Full Version – Prints all content of the program you selected from the list.
  2. Print Short Version – Prints only the basic information of the program.
  3. Print All Programs – Prints the short version of all programs.

If you prefer it to be in Excel file, you can just press the Export to Excel button.

Any program information or requirements can easily be modified by selecting a program from the list, and clicking either Edit Program Information or Edit Program Requirements button.