Recent Courses Activity

This tab displays the courses listed from your institution. They are shown based on the latest activity within the course.

You have the option to filter the Course and Log Time columns.

You will notice that there is a > button before the Course column. This will give you the ability to expand/collapse the entire section or the individual courses. Once expanded, the button is changed to v. This means that the section has been expanded.

Expanding the list will provide you more details regarding the course.

  1. Role/Stage – It is showing All, by default.
  2. Type
  3. ACE ID
  4. Team Reviewed – Date the course was reviewed.
  5. Title
  6. Tracking Information – which can be further filtered
  7. Tracking Date – It has a calendar button for easy date selection. This field can also be further filtered.

All columns are sortable.