Standards and Requirements

  1. ​​Letter of “Commitment to Maximize College Credit for Military Training” by Academic Senate, College, District, and Governing Board.
  2. Provide a “Center” where military-connected students can meet, socialize, study or get academic help.
  3. Agree to Principles of Excellence, 8 Keys to Veterans’ Success, and the most recent Defense Department Memorandum of Understanding.
  4. Reduce or Eliminate out-of-pocket tuition costs for Post-9/11 GI Bill users and, where needed, participate in Yellow Ribbon program.
  5. Charge at or below TA Cap Rate ($250 per unit in 2016) and keep Average Student Loan Default Rate under 13%.
  6. ​​Staff Support. At least 2 stars per Military Times criteria.
  7. Regionally Accredited
  8. Commitment of faculty to make an articulation decision on each catalog course
  9. Commitment of college leadership to designate discipline faculty leads for articulation decisions
  10. IT staff to grant access to the MAP API Components (Incoming Data Pipelines, Data Source/Transformation, Data Loading/Mapping)