Create MAP Articulations with MOSs, to CTE programs within 3 districts, allowing us to issue guaranteed college credits to veterans before they apply to the college. Subsequently, we will develop a statewide, public, searchable, “” solution, building the database needed to sustain a national military-to-college articulation platform, including a training crosswalk for any community college interested in implementing the model.

  • Connections: Military Courses and related Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) articulations to college courses based on American Council on Education’s (ACE’s) recommendations
  • Faculty Based Decisions: Discipline experts approve/disapprove. If you imagine setting up credit for prior learning for new military recruits going into basic training, you can see how this would not go well with the drill sergeants (faculty). Recruit brings his/her letter that says, “Congratulations, you can skip boot camp because you got an A in high school PE.” We address this in MAP by relying on the ongoing work of ACE to evaluate and add legitimacy to the process and relies on faculty to approve each course equivalency (articulation). We then give faculty to chance to approve/disapprove all articulation recommendations. The Statewide Academic Senate fully supports MAP implementation.
  • Big Incentives: Outreach Integrated. Outreach is Integrated (Basic Articulations Before Vet Arrival). This is a sustainability strategy. While MAP enabled colleges will be losing credit coursework to prior learning, they will be gaining the student, whom they would not have had were it not for the MAP outreach capabilities. It is critical that MAP contain a reliable database of veteran contact information complete with MOS. This will enable participating colleges to recruit and expand access for veterans in their region.
  • Transparent to Other Colleges: Articulations of colleges can be adopted by peer colleges. This will later be made easier with the integration of CID, CIP, TOP, and TES codes associated with courses and programs. Early adopters will end up doing much of the work and we anticipate common practices to emerge along the way.
  • Colleges Must Qualify to Access MAP and outreach data: This is important because we do not want to see MAP devolve into a money-making opportunity for recruiters. This is the reason we intend to build in from the beginning a set of minimum guarantees and services MAP Enabled colleges will provide vets