Viewing/Editing/Publishing/Returning/Approving/Denying Articulations

Viewing/Sorting/Editing articulations were briefly mentioned in the Articulations in Process Tab section of this tutorial.

Viewing/Sorting Articulations #

Articulations can easily be accessed on the MAP Dashboard. By default, the individual articulations are hidden. You will only see the list of courses.

There are a total of nine columns which you can rearrange and sort. The filter option is available under Subject, Course Number and Course Name. The same option is available when expanding the course.

Expanding the course can be done by clicking the Expand/Collapse button (Figure A) or > right arrow button (Figure B).

Expanding the course will allow you to see all its articulations. Here you get an overview of what’s being articulated, who articulated, status, notes and more.

In this grid, you can easily edit or delete an articulation, or view notes.  Hovering your cursor to the icon dialogue balloon will display the notes on the specific articulation.

The numbers you see under EvaluatorFacultyArticulation OfficerImplementation and Published columns represent the number of articulations at those roles/stages.

Editing Articulations #

Clicking the pencil icon will take you to the edit page.

Here you will see three tabs: Selected Articulation, Recommendations, and Articulate with Other Courses.

Selected Articulations
This tab gives you more details on the course and program.

In this tab, you can move forward some or all articulations that have been articulated to that specific course. This way you won’t have to keep going back to the dashboard to edit each individual articulation attached to. This will be discussed in details on the next section.

Articulate with Other Courses
You can articulate multiple courses from your course catalog to the MOS that is within the Selected Articulation tab. This will also be discussed in details on the next section.