Does my college need to complete Veteran Friendly Standards before they apply for MAP?

Yes. We ask all MAP-enabled colleges to support and work toward achieving the Veteran Friendly Standards, which are listed below. However, your college may apply for the cohort before achieving the standards, provided they are actively striving to meet them.

We ask for support of the Veteran Friendly Standards to ensure that:

1. MAP credits are not used primarily to gain a competitive advantage over other MAP-enabled colleges;

2. There is broad support for MilCPL and CPL among all constitutents (even if that support and understanding is in its infancy);

3. All levels of the college or district support the goal of increasing equitable access to higher education and to improve completion and success for military students;

4. For-profit institutions do not use MAP’s transparent functionality (ability to adopt articulations of other colleges) to unfair advantage;

5. Local resources for veteran support services are prioritized.

Veteran Friendly Standards:

1. Statement of “Commitment to Maximize MilCPL” by Academic Senate, College, District, and Governing Board.

2. Provide a “Center” where military-connected students can meet, socialize, study, or get academic help (most CCCs have a VRC). 3. Agree to Principles of Excellence, 8 Keys to Veterans’ Success (CCCs already uphold these).

4. Reduce or Eliminate out-of-pocket tuition costs for Post-9/11 GI Bill users and, where needed, participate in the Yellow Ribbon program to help make up the difference between tuition costs and GI Bill benefits. At least 4 stars. (CCCs already do this). 5. Charge at or below TA Cap Rate ($250 per unit for 2021) and keep Average Student Loan Default Rate under 13%. (CCCs already do this).

6. Provide staff support for MilCPL and participate in the annual Military CPL Summit.

7. Be regionally accredited (CCCs already are) 8. Aspire to Best for Vets based on Military Times criteria

9. Grant IT access to the MAP API Components (Incoming Data Pipelines, Data Source/Transformation, Data Loading/Mapping)

10. Support professional development for veteran and military cultural competency on your campus such as VetNet Ally.